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About Pacesetter Painting

Commercial painting in SouthWest Ohio, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton. We specialize in painting retail, medical and office space with minimal disruption to your operation.

Large scale hand painted graphics for logos, advertising, image are a long lasting alternative to billboard style banners.

We also do historic renovation painting and prep, using the latest safe paint removal and surface prep tools.


Jim Gagnet Phone: 937.223.3422
James Gagnet Phone: 937.475.0477
Ryan Cornelius Phone: 937.308.0205

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Pacesetter Painting Office Location:

222 Warren St, Dayton OH 45402

Phone: 937.223.3422

Pacesetter Painting Office

Office: 222 Warren St, Dayton OH 45402

Pacesetter Painting Shop Location:

72 Clover St, Dayton OH 45410

Phone: 937.223.3422

Pacesetter Painting Shop

Shop: 72 Clover St, Dayton, Dayton OH 45410